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Question No : 1 - Topic 1

What must occur before a data type can be defined?

A. Data Type service must be started
B. Policy Activator service is activated
C. Data Source definition is configured
D. ObjectServer Event Reader is activated

Question No : 2 - Topic 1

Given only command line access, where is it verified that a newly started IBM Tivoli
Netcool/lmpact Server instance is registering itself as a slave or primary in a cluster?

A. in the server.log file
B. in the netcool.log file
C. in the systemOut.log file
D. using the nci_server utility

Question No : 3 - Topic 1

What is a key requirement if an enrichment policy is planned?

A. Clustering must be configured
B. The external data must be indexed
C. Read and write access to the external data
D. A relationship must exist between data that is to be enriched and external data

Question No : 4 - Topic 1

The ncijrigger tool is executed with a user_name that has no password set. Which
statement is true?

A. Use the command line with blank password.
B. The NULL option needs to be used insteadof a password.
C. This is not possible because a user must always have a password set.
D. The nci_crypt tool provides a dummy encrypted password that can be used instead.

Question No : 5 - Topic 1

There are currently five policies defined within IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 and
Netcool/lmpact is being used to launch one or more policies based upon Netcool/OMNIbus
event processing requirements.
It is suspected that one of the policies that performs event enrichment is taking too much
Where can Profiling be enabled to potentially diagnose this problem?

A. in the Policy Logger service
B. in the Policy Activator service
C. in theOMNIbusEventReader service
D. in the Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer

Question No : 6 - Topic 1

Which option allows data to be retrieved, added, modified and deleted from the data

A. Database Type
B. Schema Selected
C. Back-end Database API
D. Database User Permissions

Question No : 7 - Topic 1

Which utility edits the installed GUI server deployment and maps the roles tothe specified

A. roles.[bat|sh]
B. user-roles.[bat|sh]
C. update-impact-roles.[bat|sh]
D. impact-security-roles.[bat|sh]

Question No : 8 - Topic 1

Which functional category or solution does this pseudo-code represent?
INPUT: events from OMNIbus where Contact-'
For each email address in Contact
Send email
OUTPUT: email(s) sent to contact(s)

A. Event Correlation
B. EventNotification
C. Event Enrichment
D. Event Suppression

Question No : 9 - Topic 1

Which IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 elements can be managed with projects?

A. Filters
B. Data Types
C. Transactions
D. Data Servers

Question No : 10 - Topic 1

A SQL data type contains items referred to as Field names. What is a key characteristic of
the Field name?

A. It is only used as a source of documentation.
B. It may contain characters, digits, and spaces.
C. It can be set to any valid string that the user chooses.
D. It must exactly match the column name in the corresponding table.

Question No : 11 - Topic 1

In which folder are the IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 service logs stored?

A. $NCHOME/logs
D. $IMPACT_HOME/services/logs

Question No : 12 - Topic 1

The log function of the Impact PolicyLanguage (IPL) provides a convenient mechanism for
generating messages during the execution of a policy. These messages can be configured
to indicate success or failure of data retrieval from a data type. Which statement describes
where the output from themessages can be viewed by a user?

A. view the ObjectServer event list to find Self-Monitoring alerts
B. use the View Service Log button in the PolicyLogger window
C. use the View Data Type button in the data type configuration
D. use the View Service Logbutton in the EventProcessor window

Question No : 13 - Topic 1

An IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 system is configured to perform eventenrichment by
retrieving ObjectServer events which have an empty Location field. Which Service Log can
be used to verify that Netcool/lmpact is selecting events from the ObjectServer based upon
that condition?

A. the PolicyLogger service
B. the PolicyActivator service
C. the OMNIbusEventReader service
D. the OMNIbusEventListener service

Question No : 14 - Topic 1

If an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lrnpact V6.1 policy requires a new OMNIbus ObjectServer field,
which method canbe used to create it?

A. the NCO Conductor
B. the Tivoli Integrated Portal
C. IBM Tivoli NetcoolWeb GUI
D. the OMNIbus Administrator application

Question No : 15 - Topic 1

What can be used to execute an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 policy?

A. PolicyListener
B. PolicyExecuter
C. DatabaseEventTrigger
D. OMNIbusEventReader

Question No : 16 - Topic 1

What is true about the LDAP DSA?

A. It does not support data saved in UTF-8 format.
B. It does not retrieve information from LDAPV2/V3.
C. It allows IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpactto add, modify, or delete information managed by the LDAPserver.
D. It does not allow IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpactto add. modify, or delete information managed by the LDAP server.

Question No : 17 - Topic 1

What is only configured on the primaryportion of a data source definition?

A. the data source user name
B. the data source IP address
C. the data source port number
D. the data source server name

Question No : 18 - Topic 1

How many OMNIbus fields can be used in one IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 policy?

A. up to 256 fields
B. only the first 128 fields
C. all fields available in Netcool/OMNIbus
D. only the new fields defined in the policy

Question No : 19 - Topic 1

Which item is a valid IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact Programming Language (IPL) control

A. for
B. while
C. if-then
D. do-while

Question No : 20 - Topic 1

Which functional step should be completed when designing an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact
V6.1 solution?

A. write an enrichment policy
B. develop Netcool/lmpact startup scripts
C. test high availability and fail-over scenarios
D. determine methods of achieving customer requirements

Showing 1-20 of 121 Questions   (Page 1 out of 7)



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